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Reply To: Library shows twice on Roku M1000



To make things easier to distinguish which service is rsp and which is daap on my Roku Soundbridge (for searching and browsing easier), I devised a way for each service to get a different name. I created two different .service files in the /etc/avahi/services folder. One called rsp.service and one called daap.service. The codes for each are below.



txtvers=1 iTShVersion=131073 Version=196610



txtvers=1 iTShVersion=131073 Version=196610

Rebooting my server delivers these two services to my Roku Soundbridge now with different names. This confirms that the daap service is indeed visible by the Roku (I thought it wasn’t supposed to be). I can now at least select the service that is browse-able and searchable from my soundbridge. This will serve as an acceptable temporary measure until I get any better ideas or a firmware change to the soundbridge allows the daap service to be ignored. I forgot to mention that when I look in iTunes for shared music only the daap service is visible.