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Reply To: [r1696] ‘AND’ operator not working in XmlApi.



@undertow wrote:

However, when trying to perform a query with the AND (+) operator, it tosses an error and returns ALL of the items in the library.


2009-06-01 12:09:44 (b4cffb90): Request: GET /databases/1/items?output=xml&query=’daap.songartist:Korn’+’daap.songalbum:Greatest%20Hits’ HTTP/1.1
2009-06-01 12:09:44 (b4cffb90): Ignoring bad query (‘daap.songartist:Korn’ ‘daap.songalbum:Greatest Hits’): Offset 24: Expecting end of statement

As the log shows, your + sign gets decoded to a space. + sign in the query string decodes to space, if you really mean a + sign you need to encode it. Try again with %2b instead of + in your request.