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Reply To: Scanning outside of the specified directories?



@evilripper wrote:

I’m not sure. Maybe firefly has strange behavior when scanning a broken symlink. Maybe you missed a symlink because you grepped on /home/alex? (unless that was just for the single relevant result). I just haven’t seen anybody saying firefly scans in the wrong dir..

Well, I grep-ed on “/home/alex” because I noticed a disturbing number of lines in the log file relating to scans in /home/alex.

Other than that, I couldn’t have missed a symlink to anything containing “/home/alex” using grep and yes that broken symlink was indeed the only thing (it pointed to a long-discarded partition which had a then-home-directory mounted).

For the sake of it, I removed the broken symlink. Now there’s no such thing.

So it shouldn’t scan /home/alex.

Well… did the same thing: emptied log, deleted database, started mt-daapd.

It still scans /home/alex. :-/