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@EVILRipper wrote:

The first error/backtrace seems like a corrupt file. Good thing you purged and reinstalled.

Yes, very weird.

@EVILRipper wrote:

Second one is rather common. Try raising the debuglevel in the config file to 9, so that more detailed information will output to the log.

Yes, well, unfortunately, I did that. I mentioned it in the first post:

@Forger wrote:

Enabled level 9 logging.

Those lines were in the level 9 debugging log. Not really informative.

The only thing that comes to mind is whether I could somehow turn on debugging (more debugging than the logs) supposing I’d actually download the source files and configure the compiling with a switch like “–enable-debug”. Is this possible (i.e. is there such a compiling switch)? Because the quotes in yesterday’s post came from a “stock” install from the Ubuntu repositories.