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Reply To: Firefly server wont stay running



Ok, you’re in the right place.

See this line:


replace the default value “0” with “9” and save. You should be able to do this Word pad or whatever Windows-fangled text editor is currently in use. That should bump up your log to the max. Remember to stop & restart Firefly and then take a look at the output.

On a Mac that file is Firefly.conf so apologies for leading you up the garden path… like i say, I don’t do Windows… ‘cept at work… and it does my head in… but I digress 🙄

I cant seem to access any help from the folk who make Firefly

The Firefly developer (a one-man-band) is no longer actively contributing to the project but there are a number of users still active on the forum. As you may have seen, though, you have to wade through the spam to find legit posts. This will hopefully change in the not too distant with new interest from 3rd parties.