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@dunderhead wrote:

2009-10-07 17:30:51 (20df3cfe): Starting with debuglevel 0

Not quite. :>
But still, unable to open database. The database failed. Although I hate to admit it, it’s a common error.
Somehow the database gets corrupt once in a while.

The easiest solution if the database is indeed corrupt is to shutdown firefly, delete the database, and restart firefly, so it will recreate a new one. (Might take a while, depending on your library size)
If this does not solve the problem, you will indeed need to try and find how to set debuglevel 9. The log states in which level it starts, as quoted above.

Also, have you set a rescan interval? Try turning the rescanning off. I can imagine a collision when rescanning (using database) and streaming a new song (using database).

Hope this helps.

Edit: hehe, stupid of me. Viewing the log I can see you have indeed set a rescan interval, as it says “Scanned x songs” every once in a while. Try removing it, or setting it to 0. (Not sure which turns it off)