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I don’t use the Windows version of FireFly… but the file you’re currently editing looks more like the XML that drives the Online Admin form, not the actual config file.
The config file, unless it’s wildly different for Windows (completely possible) will have entries in the format


The section_name you’re interested in will be called “general”, and the key will be called “debuglevel”.

Here’s what I would do to locate the proper config file, using Windows file search, in order of sequence:
– Using the first text box in Search (“All or part of the file name:”), search for a filename called “mt-daapd.conf” (without the quotes)
if that produces no results:
– Using the first text box in Search, search for “*.conf” (asterisk, then a dot/period, then “conf”).
This will likely bring up several to many results… scroll through the list and see if anything looks promising (in the FireFly program directory, or named with FireFly or daap in some manner).
If it still doesn’t seem to produce the targeted file
– Using the second text box in Search (“A word or phrase in the file:”), search for “debuglevel=”, then “debuglevel =”, then “process_itunes” and finally “[general]”.
Again, each is likely to result in many found files. Scroll through the lists, as above, to find likely candidates.

Once the config file is found, you’ll want to open it with Notepad, rather than Word or WordPad. Then search for the [general] section, and then look for one of the key/value pairs that will likely look like


or, it could be commented out, like so

# debuglevel=1

or it could even be non-existent.
If it is commented out (with a “#”), you’ll need to remove the pound sign
If it is non-existent, then you’ll need to add it (make sure you’re adding under the [general] section).
Lastly, change the 1 to a 5 (5 should do it… setting it to 9, like you’ve been trying, will be overkill).

Also in this config file will be an entry for “db_type”.
If you could us what that’s set to, that’d probably help some.

Now save the config file, delete your existing filefly.log file, and try restarting FireFly again.
If you’ve successfully changed the debug level, the logfile should start with the line “Starting with debuglevel 5”.

Some questions I’d ask to help troubleshoot:
– What is the db_type set to in the config file? (see above)
– What actually happens when you try to go to http://localhost:9999/ ? Do you get a page not found? Or some other error?
– Do you have any other web or database servers running on the machine?
– Have you tried streaming to a copy of iTunes running on the same machine (just for testing purposes), rather than a remote/SoundBridge?