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Reply To: Support for the T-Home MR 300



@Mischa wrote:

I am owning a HP MediaVault 2120 with a pre-Installed Firefly DLNA-Server. For the use with ordinary PC’s it does a great job but in combination with my new Media Receiver 300 (The IPTC streaming client from T-Home) it doesn’t work.

Firefly is a DAAP server, DLNA is based on UPnP. Firefly is not a DLNA compliant server.

@Mischa wrote:

The problem is the MR 300 and the client software called “Medien-Beta”. The only kind of streaming server recognized us a Windows Media Player 11, nothing else works, even no simple samba shares.

WMP uses UPnP

@Mischa wrote:

Is there a more current version of Firefly which behaves like a Windows Media Player 11 from client point of view? If not is this a already a sceduled feature?

UPnP was in the process of being added to Firefly but implementation is not complete.

@Mischa wrote:

I visited the Firefly Wiki, it looked like a dry desert, the main-page was last updated in the year 2006. Is the Firefly-community still activ?

The community is still active but there is no ongoing development work.
The sole developer either doesn’t have the time or lost interest with the project.