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alright, the logfile yeilded some interesting results, mainly not able to access the database file and not able to load the plugins. I’d seen these errors on this board, but no solutions, so I thought I’ll work through the permissions on everything. Here’s what I know:

1) if I chmod 777 on the entire root system, everything works fine, it survives reboot and continues to work.

2) on a fresh install (root system from backup tar) if I just erase the songs3.db and restart mt-daapd it works, but doesn’t survive reboot (as in i have to delete that file every time I want to use mt-daapd on a reboot, not acceptable). The permissions are set by the mt-daapd for the file, so I know it’s ok, and i’ve even tried 777 the file, to no avail.

Perhaps there are two things going on? My hunch is it’s still permissions somewhere, but where? What are all the files that have to have permissions set correctly? Also, is there a clue in the reboot thing, what gets reset on reboot that it doesn’t like?

Thanks again for the help, I feel we’re getting closer!