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@LoriReeser wrote:

My Roku can find the tracks, but if I add a track with ‘odd’ characters to a playlist using the smartplaylist option, the tracks don’t show up on the Roku…. If anyone else knows how to do this, please help!

I think the solution of editing the database is a silly and futile one– every scan of your music files is likely to add newly objectionable characters and probably also replace the “cleansed” records in the database with the same accented characters anyway.

Although I also use MediaMonkey to do things like add composers, I have not tried to figure out ways to script changes to filenames, etc.

My solution is to use MP3Tag (, which would cost you nothing– unless you generously want to donate. I have created a rather simple converter lookup table that compares the characters in song filenames to a list of the non-ASCII characters I already “taught” it. (My music comes from French, Spanish, German and Portuguese sources.) The converter replaces the objectionable characters with near-equivalents that remove accents, diacriticals, umlauts and the like. You can run this against a large batch of files at one time– when you find that the converter has not identified a certain character you simply add it to the lookup.

So you can pretty easily add your Greek characters and your desired replacements for each of them to the file I started. You’d do this using MP3Tag’s built-in interactive editor. (Or if you get really motivated, you could eventually figure out how MP3Tag expects the script file to look and then modify it directly using a simple text editor like Notepad.)

You can email me at mschnapp AT s.e.r.v.i.c.e.m.a.r.c DOT c.o.m and I can guide you through this. (Leave out the dots!)