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Reply To: Old (and empty) Playlists on Firefly Client



Continuing to track and work through this issue. I am assuming the playlists are either in .txt files (when I exported them) or the .xml library. I am not sure which. I opened the .txt files and, indeed, it forwarded to a drive that seemed like it may only be recognized locally. I deleted all the .txt playlist files (that I had previously exported to the folder containing the iTunes library). I also exported about 5 of my 50 playlists. I am now performing a full rescan to see whether it picks up the 5 playlists. Note, I also deleted a number of old iTunes libaries that were in a subfile. I wasnt sure whether it would have grabbed them. In the FAQs I would suggest it might suggest a bullet-proof way to ensure this captures iTunes playlists. Love the app but the instructions only get laymen like me 1/2 way there.