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Thanks for your reply!
I have a little time on my hands, but in about a week I’m moving and starting grad school.

I am not a web developer, and I have very little experience programming HTML or anything similar. I simply wonder if it is possible to do this with Silverlight, since it is possible with flash.

In a setup almost identical to my Silverlight setup, I have the flash frontend (FirePlay) installed in a separate subdirectory of my apache root, and it points to my Firefly server. It exhibits similar behavior to the Silverlight installation if there is no crossdomain.xml file, but when the crossdomain.xml file is in the Firefly webroot (admin-root) I can simply point my browser to the apache server and I don’t have to enter a password. Using SilverPlay and the corresponding ClientAccessPolicy.xml I can get no such behavior to work.

I hope the above is helpful…if you have time I’d be willing to help you check this out, but if you don’t, don’t stress out about it too much.