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Reply To: Yet another FireFly Client (SilverPlay)



Hi, I’ve been messing with SilverPlay for a couple hours trying to get it to work, repeatedly getting a pop-up window just like wwaren:
@wwarren wrote:

I get the main page structure, but then an error pops up. Any idea what this error means? “[Async_ExceptionOccurred] Debugging resource strings are unavailable. Often the key and arguments provide sufficient”.
The suggestion from the readme to check connectivity using http://yourserver:3689/server-info?output=xml yields positive results.

I enabled debug mode and I noticed this:

Connect to:http://localhost:3689//server-info?output=xmlx

there’s double “/” before “server-info”. What can I change to make it look for: http://localhost:3689/server-info?output=xmlx instead?
Thanks, Erik