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Reply To: Yet another FireFly Client (SilverPlay)



i installed mono (moonlight) latest from source and it compiled and installed successfully. I was able to use SilverPlay on my debian etch system with no worries.

i quite like the interface, and the look and feel overall. My comments/suggestions

1. as others pointed out, it was slow to buffer song immediately leading to skips during playing. Maybe you can take some time to buffer the songs before starting out the play if that is possible at all

2. i see you are working on and possible completely implemented smart-playlist support. This is really cool. When I create a smart playlist, is this added to firefly media server?

3. It would be cool if I could right click a track and add to playlist. Currently right-click give silverlight settings. Don’t know if that can be avoided.

4. i might be totally overlooking this but I don’t see a shuffle/loop mode. also there is a reload like button to the right to the play time indicator. I don’t quite know what that does.

5. The top right usually is designed for search. Maybe you can move search up there and move the skins dropdown to somewhere less ‘obstructive’ and also reduce its size since it seems a little overwhelming. Maybe just a name dropdown without the preview since the preview is really not useful.

6. in firefox, I cannot open a new tab. I think ctrl-tab shortcuts are suppressed by silverlight. Not sure if this is something you can work around.

I can help you design a logo. I do some basic graphic design so let me know if you have any ideas and I can create a few templates for you to review. hit me up on IM. I’m [email protected]/gmail/hotmail