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Reply To: Yet another FireFly Client (SilverPlay)



Hi Perferral

Thanks a lot for you detailed feedback.
I’m currently on a busines travel until next sunday and have no time to work on SilverPlay during that period. I will however continue early February on V0.2 and hope to have a static playlist editor available until somewhen mid february.

Specific to your input:
>1. as others pointed out, it was slow to buffer song immediately leading to skips during playing. >Maybe you can take some time to buffer the songs before starting out the play if that is possible at all
Yes that’s something I will try to do. May be a longer buffer time will help. Will make the buffer time configurable so it will be easier to get feedback on what values are giving best results.

>2. i see you are working on and possible completely implemented smart-playlist support. This is >really cool. When I create a smart playlist, is this added to firefly media server?
The smarplaylist and the comming up static playlists are saved in firefly directly. Nothing is saved locally.

>3. It would be cool if I could right click a track and add to playlist. Currently right-click give >silverlight settings. Don’t know if that can be avoided.
That’s unfortunately something which is not doable.
That is something the silverlight community really wants and I hope MS will listen to that and add support in the comming versions.
I tried several hacks and one of them works in most browsers but not in Firefox. It is not possible, or at least I haven’t found a way yet, in Firefox to supress a right mouse click from javascript right mouse click is always forwarded to the Silverlight plugin which then shows the configuration part.
Will investigate more once I have the main functionaly in.

>4. i might be totally overlooking this but I don’t see a shuffle/loop mode. also there is a reload like > button to the right to the play time indicator. I don’t quite know what that does.
The button to the right should actually be a repeat button. Meaning that when you have selected songs and you reach the end it will start over again.
Shuffle is one thing on my priority list. Also a Extended Shuffle where you are able to shuffle songs from your whole selected playlaylist/library and not only the selected album.

>5. The top right usually is designed for search. Maybe you can move search up there and move the >skins dropdown to somewhere less ‘obstructive’ and also reduce its size since it seems a little >overwhelming. Maybe just a name dropdown without the preview since the preview is really not >useful.
Good point. That’s certainly doable. Maybe I should put the theme selection to the status bar.

>6. in firefox, I cannot open a new tab. I think ctrl-tab shortcuts are suppressed by silverlight. Not >sure if this is something you can work around.
Might be doable with some javascipt hack. Will also put that to my TODO items.