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Reply To: FireFly Supported?



You’re confusing “supported” with “developed”.

Yes, Firefly is still being supported. If you post a question, someone will will try to help you out. This is the nature of open source software.

Development is a different matter. The primary developer does not get paid to develop Firefly so he only works on it when he has the time.
Spare time is in short supply at the moment & almost no-one has stepped forward to give Ron a hand.

Many companies (HP, Netgear, etc…) are using Firefly in their NAS devices but I wonder how many of them are contributing to Firefly’s development in some way???
If the implementation of Firefly on those NAS devices doesn’t work properly then it’s up to that company to sort out why.
I know Netgear is running a hybrid version of Firefly (svn-1676 with the memory leak patches from svn-1696, sqlite2 disabled, transcoding of ogg’s disabled, etc) to sort out some of the problems they had.