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Reply To: Help … Trying to serve Roku Soundbridge from Freecom FSG



Hi EvilRipper

> How did you install it on the FSG?
To install Firefly on the FSG I followed the guide at .

My FSG is running firmware 4.4.5 – which is the version which seems to address wireless issues i.e. the wireless connects work.

> Which version of firefly did you install?
FSG reports that package mt-daapd installed is version

>Any difference between wired/wireless connectivity compared to your desktop?
My SB is the M400PX which only has a wireless connect. My desktop works happily wirelessly with the SB moving through an old Barricade router and an access point. The FSG does not have to contend with any of this stuff to talk to the SB.

Is this sufficent info?