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Reply To: Flrefly with media library on a CIFS mount



That’s good to know. It might have been something to do with enabling the non case sensitive option.

I switched to using VirtualBox shares and I still had problems. The log will show errors like the following:

2008-12-14 08:23:35 (b7484b90): Thread 1921: Error opening /MNT/SHARE/AUDIO/CHINESE/4 IN LOVE/FALL IN LOVE/FALL IN LOVE - 02 - 4 IN LOVE - ä½ ä¼æ³.MP3: No such file or directory
2008-12-14 08:26:56 (b7484b90): Thread 2107: Error opening /MNT/SHARE/AUDIO/CHINESE/3T/TEST.MP3: No such file or directory

Two things about this:
1. VirtualBos shares are case sensitive, so that could be the reason. I turned off non-case sensitive and it is working now. (But still can’t get Crossfire to work, but FirePlay does for MP3 :)).
2. CIFS mount was not case sensitive, which is why I checked it. But it didn’t work. Maybe it would have worked with it unchecked.