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Reply To: Netgear NAS-Duo and Firefly JAVA client on Mac



@fogcitynative wrote:

I have set up Firefly on my NetGear NAS Duo, opened the ports 3689 on my Buffalo router and pointed them to the NAS, and I can use the Firefly Java client to access the music locally without a problem.

But if I enter my EXTERNAL IP address (or my domain name) in the Java client, it simply will not connect. Here’s the error message I get:

[FireflyClientException] class – Unable to connect (Connection refused).
at net.firefly.client.controller.request.RSPRequestManager.isAuthenticationRequired(
at net.firefly.client.gui.swing.dialog.NewHostDialog$OKButtonActionListener$

I am not a programmer or a Unix jock and I don’t know what this message is trying to tell me . . . can anyone please help me??

I want to give this java applet to my friends so they can access and play my music files on their computers . . . but how???

You should check your configuration to see which port is open from the internet.
Try pointing your browser to and you should access your firefly server configuration page. If you don’t, the firefly client won’t. If you do, try accessing with your browser (the request that causes your error).
If previous works well in your browser, check its proxy parameters to see if a proxy is configured and if so, copy the proxy parameters in firefly client preferences popup.