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Reply To: streaming to pocket pc :(



Hi- all is not lost.

But I couldn’t figure how to do it with Firefly Server/mt-daapd unfortunately (would have been my preferred configuration- Anyone?)

Same scenario as you: WiFi PDA & stereo. I already have a Roku Soundbridge connected to my primary sound system, but rather than buy a 2nd, see what was around for PDAs.

I have successfully had a IPAQ 4700 using both WM5 & WM6 (2 different devices) using GSPlayer on the PDA but with- dare I say- Icecast & EZstream running on a linux server. Works a dream. Set your playlist in the server, and away you go.

I’m now working on a getting a Firefly client that I’d like to run on the same PDA. Now, that seems to be a bit of a challenge too. But all good fun 🙂