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Oops I did mention the wrong product-code, I actually meant CH3SNAS. Evilripper thanks for your response sofar. I will make an other topic on de CH3SNAS, maybe you will be so kind to share the installation you did for firefly?

Yesterday I went on searching after posting the message and found the following for the CH3WNAS, maybe this also works for the CH3SNAS:
I managed to get FireFly running om my CH3WNAS. It’s fairly easy if you’re not afraid of the command line :-). I was wrong in my post yesterday: you do NOT need Gentoo in order to run firefly! Gentoo is apparently only needed if you want to build FireFly from the sources.

The info in contains too much steps for the CH3WNAS.

This is the ‘real’ way to setup firefly on CH3WNAS:

enable telnet in fun_plug:
download the latest build of FireFly for the CH3WNAS: Unzip the build onto the NAS. (/mnt/HD_a2)

I renamed the main directory from /mnt/HD_a2/firefly-1696 to /mnt/HD_a2/firefly. This is consequent with the config.
edit the following line in /mnt/HD_a2/firefly/mtdaapd.conf file (e.g. with ftp):
mp3_dir = /mnt/HD_a2/media
–> replace media with the root-directory to your mp3s.
–> check out the other options like default admin password if you wish.

add the following lines to your fun_plug:
#kill legacy upnp (if you don’t use the upnp 😉
kill -9 `pidof upnp`

#start firefly
rm -f /mnt/HD_a2/firefly/var/cache/mt-daapd/*
/mnt/HD_a2/firefly/sbin/mt-daapd -c /mnt/HD_a2/firefly/mt-daapd.conf
As you can see, I completely remove the DB before starting FireFly up. This is because while I was testing, the DB went corrupt after a reboot. The indexing at startup is very fast (4000 mp3s in 64 seconds) so this isn’t really a problem, I think. Maybe there are more elegant ways to prevent corruption of the DB?

I tested it with Rhythmbox under Ubuntu 8.04 & it works like a charm :-). Make sure the “Multicast DNS service discovery” service (= mDNS) is running in Ubuntu (System/Administration/services) and that the “daap plugin” is checked in rhythmbox (edit/plugins). I’m seriously considering buying the Roku (Pinnacle) Soundbridge now…

Other tips:

check out the FireFly admin pages in your browser: go to port 3689 of your CH3WNAS:
e.g. user: admin; password: mt-daapd (default)
you can follow the logs in /var/log/mt-daapd.log (maybe not the best location :-/):
tail -f /var/log/mt-daapd.log