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Alright, I’ve recompiled using the non-64-bit libraries:

./configure --enable-sqlite3 --with-sqlite3-includes=/usr/include --with-sqlite3-libs=/usr/lib
make install

Hitting “Rescan” on the web interface produces the exact same crash, down to the log details… I’m beginning to think that this software is old and just doesn’t work anymore. At least, not on anything reasonably recent… Or maybe I just don’t know how to compile… But I’m guessing it’s the former rather than the latter. It might work on other systems, but considering that the last recommended “nightly” build was released more than a year and a half ago, that the latest compiled binary is for Ubuntu 6.10 (when we’re fast approaching a 9.04 release), and the fact that you, fizze, as incredibly helpful and useful as you are, seem to be the only knowledgeable person on this board… Hmmm… Yes, I’m starting to fear that my suspicions of a dead project were spot on…

I’m not sure if you know the developers very well, but perhaps making a post on the homepage warning users of the state of things might be a good idea… At least they’ll know that they’re somewhat on their own should trouble arise.

I’m sure mt-daapd was a pretty cool piece of software back in the day… but 2 years later, I can’t even get the damned thing to run properly, and I’m not exactly new to this kind of stuff. Later on this weekend, I’ll have a look at the actual source, but chances of me actually figuring anything out, much less understanding with any amount of detail what I’m looking at, are slim. What release are you running, and under what OS? Do you use SQLite3 or 2?

Thanks for all your help thus far.