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@fizze wrote:

The 0.2.4 branch is ancient. It could be considered stable.
The “nightlies” like svn-1586, svn-1696 are the “bleeding edge” of firefly, if you will. Almost everyone here runs one of these builds, and they have many features 0.2.4 lacks, and are also very stable. Uptimes >200d were reported.

“OOM” is short Out Of Memory.
Seeing that you compiled yourself, maybe you’ve used some unstable libs. Also it seems that you’re compiling on 64-bit, which is unusual.
I think that’s the source for your troubles.

I see. So you’re saying that if I re-compile mt-daap/Firefly for 32-bit, that might resolve my issue? Hmmm… I’ll give it a try, but I dunno… SQLite3 and 64-bit libraries have been around an awfully long time to not already have all of those 64-bit problems hammered out… But you could be right. Hmmm…

For the sake of documentation, I’ll report back tomorrow what I find. Thank you for all your help thus far, and stay tuned for an update in a few hours.