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@JesterJ wrote:

Thanks, Fizze, for the info. Can you point me to any of those threads? I tried various searches (“multiple”, “instances”, “more than one”, “several” to name a few) and couldn’t find anything.

No, you won’t because the search engine for this forum is not (presently) working properly. There is no index for the older messages, this is the result of changing the forum software. (but at least we are no longer overun with spam.)

Anyway, Google is your friend. You can use the advanced search feature to search this site. So, just enter “multiple instances site:” into the regular google search box. Or, just go here:

The basic answer to your question (which seems like a very good idea) is: -Create a second config file with a different name. Presently I have /usr/local/etc/mt-daapd.conf. Make a copy of that and change the name to something appropriate, say, wifes-mt-daapd.conf. Edit the new file and change the “server name”, the port used, the logfile name and the name of the db_parms. (I should point out that I have not actually tried this myself yet) So, maybe change the “server name” from Firefly to “Wifes_Music”, change the port from 3689 to 3690 (not sure this step is essential), change the log file from /var/log/mt-daapd.log to /var/log/wifes_music-mt-daapd.log, and change the name of the db_parms from /usr/loca/cache/db_parms to /usr/local/cache/wifes-db_parms. Now, start up another instance of firefly by running the startup command with the -c switch. “/usr/local/sbin/mt-daapd -c /usr/loca/etc/wifes-mt-daapd.conf” This should give you a second instance of firefly running.

Now, I skipped something, didn’t I…. What about the music? Well, I hope that your music, your wifes music and your sons music are in different directories. (if they are co-mingled I don’t know what to do.) So, just go back into the conf files and adjust the locations of the music.

Anyway, try that.