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@howardg wrote:

I seem to have solved the problem by simply disabling the service and then re-enabling it. How would one know that this is a necessary step? I just happened to read it in the course of perusing hundreds of postings on the web. Solving even simple problems on underdocumented software can take hours and hours of research on the internet. Maybe they expect us to do this?

It’s NOT a necessary step!!
After install the service is started and trying to use the predefined port, most sofware firewalls have the function to ask you if you really trust the new software when it’s trying to connect at the first time and some times if you miss this “question” from your firewall, you get the kind of problem you are talking about.

Firefly is a free and opensource software which among other things means that the people developing it do this on their free time for fun. Look at what you got without paying a dime, you got the best Mediaserver software there is.

And at last
There’s lots and lots of documents for Firefly and you have this great forum to ask question in or just search for you solution.
And yes, you are expected to read threads in this forum as well as reading as much documentation as you need.
Who knows, maybe some day it’s you requesting a great feature to make the Firefly even more outstanding then it allready is.