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@stretch wrote:

I think that iTunes won’t spin up a network drive if it’s mapped to a windows drive letter.
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When you use the actual path as the library location (i.e. \servernamesharename) iTunes starts to behave itself.

I’m confused.
I thought the whole point of Firefly was to expose the library to iTunes as a remote server via daap. Why would mapping a Windows drive letter, using the actual path, or setting up a samba share even be necessary?
Am I missing something?

Since I have Firefly set up to serve the library over daap, I don’t think the issue is iTunes. iTunes is simply playing with what it’s being provided. The actual file access is by Firefly, is it not? So it would follow that the responsibility of waking the drive up from a spindown would rest squarely with Firefly, would it not?