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Reply To: iTunes not listing all media on Firefly Server



Well I can pinpoint that it is not seeing some of the WMA Lossless files. However more WMA Lossless files play through Firefly under iTunes then don’t. So this doesn’t make any sense it plays some lossless files but not the ones at the end of the alphabet. I can’t find any differences between the ones it can play and then ones it won’t. It could be a bitrate issue with iTunes not liking the highest bit rate files that WMA Lossless produces. However see how this is an issue either because Firefly should be decoding the file before it sends the data to iTunes. These same files play with no issue on a Roku Soundbridge, it sees the entire collection without any problems.

Stupid Apple why isn’t iTunes compatible with other DLNA Servers like Windows Media Connect at least they don’t lose files between the server and client.