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@dovad wrote:

Just to add something to the above post and like I mentioned before, I already had setup Netatalk and Howl a couple of weeks prior to giving Firefly a go. In my rc.conf file I have the following enabled:

mdnsresponder_flags=”-f /usr/local/etc/mDNSResponder.conf”

Is there a possibility that this is interfering with Firefly’s efforts to display it’s presence across my network via it’s built-in mDNSResponder and if so how can I fix this issue.

I still cannot figure out why my plugins wont load and any ideas would be appreciated.


cd /usr/ports/audio/firefly
make install clean

No need for external mDNSresponder
various iTunes and Roku devices connect to my firefly server running in freebsd 8.0-stable jail