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I compiled Firefly. I tried both of the following:

./configure –enable-sqlite3 –with-id3tag=/usr/local


./configure –enable-sqlite3 –with-id3tag=/usr/local –with-gdbm-includes=/usr/local/include –prefix=/usr/local CFLAGS=”-O2 -fno-strict-aliasing -pipe” CPPFLAGS=” -I/usr/local/include”

When I added “–enable-howl” to either of the above to compile Firefly I got errors and the compile was not successful. Before I started this project to add Firefly to this server I had already setup Netatalk and Howl to advertise the “afp” shares so Howl was already installed.

Firefly is still giving me the following errors when loading indicating that it is not loading the plugins even though the plugins are exactly where they are specified in the Firefly configuration:

2009-03-07 00:15:07 (93677f4e): Firefly Version svn-1586: Starting with debuglevel 2
2009-03-07 00:15:07 (93677f4e): Warning: Could not load plugins
2009-03-07 00:15:07 (93677f4e): Starting rendezvous daemon
2009-03-07 00:15:07 (93677f4e): Starting signal handler
2009-03-07 00:15:07 (93677f4e): Initializing database
2009-03-07 00:15:07 (93677f4e): Starting web server from /usr/local/share/mt-daapd/admin-root on port 3689
2009-03-07 00:15:07 (93677f4e): Registering rendezvous names
2009-03-07 00:15:07 (93677f4e): Serving 6205 songs. Startup complete in 0 seconds
2009-03-07 00:15:07 (93677f4e): Rescanning database
2009-03-07 00:15:10 (93677f4e): Starting playlist scan

I am also getting the following message in the web interface under configuration:

Options missing from config.xml
The options below are in your mt-daapd.conf and Firefly uses them,
but this web page can’t handle them until they are added to config.xml