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Also, the server is running and I can display the web page but it does not show up in iTunes. This server has had Netatalk and Howl installed for some time well before the mt-daapd project and does successfully advertise afp shares to our Mac’s. Is there some kind of conflict that can possibly be occurring?

Possibly. Who compiled Firefly?

Howl support needs to be enabled when compiled
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Use howl (0.9.6 or greater) as an mdns provider. –enable-howl automatically disables the built-in mdns provider. Again, DO NOT USE –disable-mdns, or you will disable howl as well.

When using the –enable-howl option, you may need to use the “–with-howl-includes” and “–with-howl-libs” options to point to the directories holding the howl include files and the howl libraries.