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iTunes is configured to use that share point to put both the library itself as well as the xml file on that drive.

How did you achieve this?
I’ve never seen an option in iTunes to modify where it stores it’s library file.

Can you check your “My MusiciTunes” directory to see if the date/time stamp on the library file matches the one on the MSS+

Ah, oh.

There was an itunes library file in my mount point directory, but indeed it is an old one. You are right, the actual current one sits in “My Music.” Wow. I never noticed that until just recently. I guess because I so far have only used the search interface in Roku and that works just fine with the database on the Firefly server and doesn’t use any iTunes facilities…

Thank you for making me look in the obvious place! (When I had selected the iTunes directory in Properties->Advanced->General I had simply assumed the xml file goes there as well [and saw an xml file there, but it was an old one; can’t remember anymore when I put it there…])