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@stretch wrote:

Have you run a “Full Scan”?
You initiate a full scan via Firefly’s web interface.

The playlist files need to be in the path to the music files, they can’t be in a separate dead end directory off to the side somewhere

I’ve done the usual reboot, rescan, repeat procedure to no effect. I do not have separate playlist files. Everything is in the iTunes Library.xml file. I have not changed my setup (though I may have upgraded iTunes at some point). Basically I hadn’t done any changes to my playlists for a very long time, so this may be something that broke long time ago (though it clearly once worked) and I only realized this now that I actually did new playlists and then find out they don’t show…

What I don’t understand is why I still see the old ones. Where are they cached? When looking at the Firefly web interface all the old ones are listed under “smart playlists” with an indication that they were scanned from the iTunes xml file.

My setup is as follows: I run iTunes on my desktop under XP with the maxtor as a windows share. iTunes is configured to use that share point to put both the library itself as well as the xml file on that drive. Firefly is then configured to look in that root directory locally (since Firefly runs on the MSS+ it sees this locally). None of this has changed.

Is it known that Firefly in svn-1433 can deal with hierarchical playlists (directories with subdirectories that are playlists)? My first thinking was that maybe that’s what makes the Firefly parser choke now when it used to work fine before…

I’ll run the error log at a higher level, maybe it will reveal more that way.