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Reply To: Double songs in iTunes list



Thanks for the ideas. I twiddled with sqlite3. Here is an example of a duplicate song. The paths are the same. I don’t see anything obvious:

INSERT INTO “songs” VALUES(12886,’/mnt/raidvol/thevault/music/iTunes/iTunes Music/The Police/Synchronicity (Remastered)/05 Miss Gradenko 1.m4a’,’05 Miss Gradenko 1.m4a’,’Miss Gradenko’,’The Police’,’Synchronicity (Remastered)’,’Rock’,”,’m4a’,”,”,”,”,”,256,44100,119946,4463487,2003,5,0,1,1,0,0,0,0,0,2,’AAC audio file’,1232394226,1232394226,0,1232990073,0,0,0,’mp4a’,0,0,0,0,’The Police’);
INSERT INTO “songs” VALUES(12887,’/mnt/raidvol/thevault/music/iTunes/iTunes Music/The Police/Synchronicity (Remastered)/05 Miss Gradenko.m4a’,’05 Miss Gradenko.m4a’,’Miss Gradenko’,’The Police’,’Synchronicity (Remastered)’,’Rock’,”,’m4a’,”,”,”,”,”,292,44100,120000,4463487,2003,5,0,1,1,0,0,0,0,0,2,’AAC audio file’,1232394226,1232394226,0,1232946489,0,0,0,’mp4a’,0,0,0,0,’The Police’);

I’ve removed the song database each time too. Even despite doing this I have noticed that some times the server pops right back up claiming to have scanned 14,000+ songs in a couple of seconds. Other times it seems to take a couple of minutes. I haven’t isolated this behavior either.

I also tried disabling the processing of .m3u files. The net result of this was that there were about 400 or so less songs and now no playlists but the duplicates song references in the library remain.

Anybody know what the difference between the following files are?:
iTunes Library
iTunes Music Library.xml

Based on some time stamps, I removed the “iTunes Library” file. When I relaunched iTunes it seemed to have no ill-effect and iTunes apparently then recreated the file. Perhaps the problem is within these two files?