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@fizze wrote:

Hm, that’s weird.
Did you compile yourself, by any chance, and left out some vorbis configure switches? 😉

I did compile it by myself, and I’m sure I could have messed up. I used the following (I think):
./configure –enable-sqlite3 –enable-oggvorbis –enable-flac
Sorry for the “I think”. I had a bit of trouble getting all the dependencies, as well as trying some re-compiles to solve the playlist issues. So I’m not completely positive what I compiled with at this point. -Oh yeah, linux, fedora 10 on a pc.

I had the same issues when I was using an nslu2, and the same music files. One would think this would point to bad data in the music files. But like I said, I seem to be able to read the data in the files fine. I used grip to rip all the music.