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Reply To: PHP/ajax Based frontend



thanx for the positive replies 😉

I think managing playlists in firefly is a little out of my reach atm.
to be honest i’m pretty new to the php/ajax/javascript scene 😉
indeed it works on a direct copy of sqlitedb and it has a ‘private’ sqlite db to store username + passwords and admin attributes.
At this moment it’s pretty unfriendly installation, so needs a lot of cleaning before a actual release can be done.
Also i need to write some installation docs and some more error handling 😉

But i hope to post a package within next weeks 😉

It could run on a slug. but it’s using apache2+php (could run on tinyhttpd +php?)
I have no idea what the performance will be on a slug.
As you can see i use it somewhat that way 😉 but mostly for friends and stuff.

It works in chrome/safari/firefox/opera but not IE 😉 ie has it’s own standards which make a lot of code (Javascript) i use impossible.

Hehehe thanx! vind ik zelf ook :d