Reply To: Connect fails:NSLU2 / Soundbridge Radio / HomeMusic / M1001


Thanks for the reply…

OpenWRT on the NSLU2? Now that’s a new one. Wink

It’s pretty good, you can fit quite a lot on the internal flash (although with what i have installed, i had to put mt-daapd on external storage as optware).

Check multicast settings on your router. It’s most likely that the router isnt forwarding broadcasts / multicasts.

I thought that which is why I tried a borrowed M1001, over wires first through router and then via crossover – same outcome. I was under the impression that the SBs use multicast to establish the ip of the server – it can see the server (appears on the SB library list) just can’t connect.

You could verify this with a PC on the LAN or WLAN, runnig tcpdump or wireshark to see the absence of those packets.

That’s a good idea … prove it either way I guess.

Is there an alternate firmware for the Netgear? Your chances might be better there.

Tried V4.01.40 firmware latest (upgraded from 4.01.06, also tried 4.01.28) there were reports of the DG834G working at 4.0.20 which is no longer available.