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Reply To: DAAP over internet? why do I need a ssh tunnel?



ok thank you for your quick answer!!!
So i should be able to acces to my firefly server through the internet, if i develop a client with adapted features 🙂
I’m developing a solution who will work mostly exclusively with a daap
server as a library server. So i’m very interested on the development of firefly and other DAAP libraries.

3 things i reproach to Firefly (for my usage) is that i cannot modify the ID3 tags from a client. That is normal for security reasons, but it could be useful. The other thing is the protocol witch it gives the database content.
If i use Firefly through internet, the retriving of the database would be quite long.
That’s cuz Firefly uses the daap protocol, but i think that if entries of database were sent on an other way, the download time of the database would be faster….

A structure like:

An other thing i reproach to Firefly (but an other time its cause of the daap protocol) is that there is no way to retrive the album art before the song is played. Maybe on internet that could be too big to retrive, but on a local network, i think its technically possible, if the album arts are intelligently extracted, compressed and sent to the client when it asks for it.

I think it will be a time where all these features will have to be developed. Maybe if they are not implemented in a fiew month i will develop it by myself, based on the firefy media server. 🙂 so i think i ll write back soon in this forum.[/code]