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Reply To: Rhythmbox occasionally drops connection



A debug log from Rhythmbox during a drop:

(23:20:59) [0x11fe500] [mdns_service_removed] rb-daap-plugin.c:466: DAAP source 'Media Server' went away
(23:20:59) [0x11fe500] [remove_source] rb-daap-plugin.c:480: Removing DAAP source: Media Server
(23:20:59) [0x11fe500] [rb_daap_source_disconnect] rb-daap-source.c:665: Disconnecting source


(23:00:30) [0x11fe500] [mdns_service_added] rb-daap-plugin.c:433: New service: Media Server name=Media Server host= port=3689 password=0
(23:00:30) [0x11fe500] [rhythmdb_tree_entry_type_registered] rhythmdb-tree.c:2676: no entries of newly registered type daap:Media Server:Media Server: loaded from db

I can’t see any recent changes to Rhythmbox’s DAAP plugin that would change its behaviour.

Its claim that Firefly unregistered from multicast DNS appears to agree with the packet trace. Why might Firefly unregister at random times and reregister almost instantaneously?