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Reply To: Eureka – FIX for MultiCast Problem on Tele2 Davolink Router



I was very happy to see this post while googling around looking for help with this. I have Tele2 in the Netherlands with a provided Davolink DV-2020 router, and my Firefly server is only discoverable by my wireless Roku devices if I use a wireless connection for the server as well. This is irritating, since the router/modem is right next to the server, and the wireless card in the server is flaky.

Unfortunately, the link given (to enable multicast) doesn’t seem to do the trick for me — it’s the correct internal IP address for the router, but all I get is blank page, and it doesn’t seem to fix the problem, at least for Firefly (Windows Media Player is working now). As you can guess I’m running Firefly on Windows. Are there other normally inaccessible settings for the Davolink that I could try? The discussion is all in Dutch, which is unfortunate for a clueless English speaking expat.

I haven’t called Tele2 for this, but based on my prior experience calling them is likely to be a ******* waste of time and energy.

Thanks for any suggestions to try.