Reply To: Segmentation Fault on mp3 scan -> libgdbm problem?


any version of firefly that has a version number starting with 0.2.4 is ancient. was released very recently BUT it was a security patch for an ancient version.

The nightly version are much more advanced & are available from

svn-1586 & svn-1696 are both fairly stable but svn-1696 does have some problems on some platforms.
e.g. use an sqlite3 db instead of sqlite2 on an NSLU2

The nightlies only use sqlite2 or 3 db’s which is how i worked out you’re using an old version

drm protected files usually have an m4p extension, remove it from the extensions list & Firefly will ignore them.
It’s not the drm causing Firefly to choke, it’s corrupted metadata within that particular track that’s crashing Firefly