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Reply To: daap service not correctly published



I tried to start mt-daapd from the command line with -f option to run in foreground:

media:~$ sudo mt-daapd -f
Firefly Version svn-1696: Starting with debuglevel 2
Error loading plugin /usr/lib/mt-daapd/plugins/ plugin declined to load
Plugin loaded: rsp/svn-1696
Plugin loaded: daap/svn-1696
Plugin loaded: ssc-ffmpeg/svn-1696
Starting rendezvous daemon
*** WARNING *** The program 'mt-daapd' uses the HOWL compatibility layer of Avahi.
*** WARNING *** Please fix your application to use the native API of Avahi!
*** WARNING *** For more information see
Starting signal handler
Initializing database
Starting web server from /usr/share/mt-daapd/admin-root on port 3689
Registering rendezvous names
Serving 4499 songs. Startup complete in 1 seconds

Is it normal that Firefly uses the HOWL compatibility layer and not Avahi natively?