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@greycat wrote:

Hi all,

I’m running Firefly and FirePlay on my Windows webserver. It’s all working great when I have my music files on the same machine. Now I have a second server that will act as a fileserver. So all my music files will be stored there. The problem is when I change the media library in Firefly to, in this case, \server2Music the Firefly don’t find my music files. If I try the link in a web browser it open the directory. I have also set up the fileserver to accept guest account with the right to write and execute and with no password and also disabled the firewall (just in case).

So, is it possible to have the media on a second PC? If it is, any tips on how to get it to work. I’m out of ideas.


I currently do this in my home network. I have an ubuntu music server with no music on it. The music resides on a Terastation Pro Raid 5 server. Here’s how I accomplished it. I mount the terastation file system on the ubuntu music server. The mount point is /mnt/MyMusicLibrary and then I simply tell firefly where the music is and it scans and streams just fine. I use NFS because SAMBA proved to be less reliable.

I’d love to run firefly on the terastation but haven’t had much success at installing firefly AND getting FLAC transcoding to work at the same time. I nearly bricked my Terastation and decided I would just use it to safely keep my media and I would add separate media servers.