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Hi again,

I got svn-1568 working under Fedora. You are right: it handles accented characters much better. No problem connecting to it from another Linux client running either Rhythmbox or Banshee.

When I have a little more time, I will experiment some more with 1596 under FreeBSD to see if I can figure out why clients can’t connect.

There is one thing I am missing in 1596 vis-a-vis v0.2.4.2: In Rhythmbox, I can click on the v0.2.4.2 server name (it has a little arrowhead next to it) and it expands to display the .m3u playlists it has found. This doesn’t happen with the latter version. Any ideas why this not happening? I definitely have it activiated in mt-daapd.conf:

process_m3u = 1