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Reply To: Developers: Crashing firefly by issueing parallell queries?


In the above topic I described the difference between DAAP and RSP.

I created the DaapPlaylistGenerator app from this forum. In that, I didn’t use the XML version of DAAP. It also has a much smaller original version.
I used this page to decipher and process it.

I used the original version simply for the fact that it’s a way smaller query response to download. The app was aimed to be used remotely, from a huge database.
The original DAAP size for my DB: 1,374,647 bytes (1.3MB)
The XML DAAP size for my DB: 3,821,141 (3.6MB)
That is quite a difference when downloading with 120kb/s.

However, I still want to try RSP. But like you stated, there is no documentation to be found. I believe the author of Fireplay on this forum got some of the documentation mailed to him from Ron.