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Reply To: WMA on NSLU2



Hi Folks,

Thanks for answering.

I don’t really understand, what’s wrong with WMA. The M1001 regonize natively the following format : WMA, AAC, MP3, WAV et AIFF.
In my point of you, it will be easier for the server to serve WMA lossless files, there are just pack (with a sort of zip process) than a MP3 file with complex computation.
The footprint on the server should be smaller with a lossless format than a compressed one.
And WMA is natively read by the M1001 so It should works, that’s the case when a wma file is serve from a regular PC.
If I use .flac, I need to set the server to make a conversion before sending the file to the SB, and I think in this case, I will be face to a lake of horse_power on the slug.