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Reply To: svn-1586 Openbsd 4.3 Could not load plugins



[edited when I read the whole post]…

I just rebuilt and tested on -current from this week

[email protected]:/usr/local/mt-daapd % uname -a
OpenBSD 4.4 GENERIC.MP#0 amd64

[email protected]:/usr/local/mt-daapd % more INSTALL-NOTES-SCB

(1) change the == -1 to != 0 in mp3_scanner.c scan function
(2) ./configure –enable-howl –enable-sqlite –with-howl-includes=/usr/local/include/howl –with-howl-libs=/usr/local –with-id3tag=/usr/local –prefix=/usr/local/mt-daapd
(3) the .so files for the share/plugins aren’t installed, do those by hand

The config.h no longer needs editing after being run (4.4 change, 4.3 may still need it.)