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It’s installed via MacPorts, it’s whatever is setup there. Port maintainers very rarely use SVN revisions.

hi, like stretch, I’m a little confused as to why you would want to go down some convoluted unix/terminal/command line route when the .dmg installer is a simple easy way of installing firefly. Granted i’m not entirely sure what your port maintainers are/used for but with respect, your instructions are hardly conducive to installing firefly for the average user.

I can see that you have put in a lot of work to document your instructions but really, I think they muddy the waters for someone new looking to install firefly on a Mac. The GUI installer for the stable & 2 semi-stable releases is pretty straightforward and bar a couple of things that might trip up a new user (search & ye shall find the solutions!) I can’t help but think you’re over complicating matters.

With respect, Andy

I didn’t even notice there was a Mac installer – after finding all the documentation stating that Mac support was “coming soon”, I wondered why this would be the case – it’s just a *nix, like any other. I went to install it, ran into a few problems, and decided to document said problems. If it *is* so very heavily supported as to have a GUI installer, woah, some documentation/references need updating >,>

Thanks, Andy (-: