Reply To: Loading Firefly in iTunes takes a while is my setup correct?


@EVILRipper wrote:

It assembles the requested values into an indexed list from the database.
When the list is done, DAAP sends it over.

I guess that creating this list takes some time on slow hardware, even if all the data is coming from the database.
And this is done everytime a client connects to FireFly, right?
Maybe it could be an idea to store the list in a file, so the list can be sent rightaway when a new client connects. I guess this should have an impact on the “connecting …” time, especially in iTunes.

When a file scan is executed and the content of the database changes, this file should be removed (or updated as well).

I fact, I’m talking about a caching layer between the database and the clients.

Could this be a new feature request?