Reply To: Loading Firefly in iTunes takes a while is my setup correct?


I’m sorry. I don’t think I’ve been clear.
When firefly “scans”, it indexes all files into a database.

When using the DAAP protocol, you specify the values you want.
You don’t need info like pathname, or extra ID3 comment for every song everytime you request a list using DAAP.
It assembles the requested values into an indexed list from the database.
When the list is done, DAAP sends it over.

Actually the same with RSP. But RSP can create the indexed list in the background and send the ‘so-far-done’ list at the same time.

To get a little more technical, DAAP contains in the first 8 bytes how large the total list size will be. This forces DAAP to index everything first, and then send over the list.