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Reply To: Itunes & cache of firefly files.



Well ..
I am using Itunes because of the excellent support of airport express…
I have 4 airport in my house… I am using itunes to play the music on all airport… and the music is synchronized on all airports…
Is there any other music player supporting airport express ( and multiple airport synchro ) on OSX ?
Last year was my last year on Windows world ( yeaaa… I change my live 😉 ).
I was using Winamp with out_apx plugin. but at that moment, out_apx was not able to synchronize music on multiple airport express…
In addition, I am using the tool Sailling Clicker to control itunes with my cell phone..
I beleive that at the moment, Itunes is the best ( and only ? ) integrated solution to deal with the needs I have .. ( OSX, remote control, playing with synchro on multiple airport express… ) …

But I am open minded 😉 … and if you have another solution, I would test it 😉